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3 Ways Drones Can Be Used in Precision Agriculture

Maybe you have seen them in the sky, but weren’t quite sure what that object is? Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), were originally created for military use. Nowadays, drones are being used in several different ways in precision agriculture. It’s...

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4 Ways Automated Data Collection Puts Farmers in Control

Paperwork and reporting – these two words can give farmers a headache if they are still completing these processes manually. Fortunately, pain relief is available to farmers through automated data collection. Precision agriculture is not a new concept, but it gives...

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7 Ways MyAgData Makes Acreage Reporting Easy

You’re a farmer. Time is always of the essence. With too many tasks to complete, variable weather, and not enough hours in a day, the saying ‘time is money’ can be a harsh reality on a farm. Between tracking your acreage reporting data and meeting with your crop...

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Why Farmers Should Be Proactive About Crop Insurance

For many farmers, managing risk can be compared to following your grandmother’s recipe for made-from-scratch biscuits. When made correctly, the right ingredients (or tools in this case) can provide extensive coverage against crop losses. Unfortunately, Mother Nature...

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How to Choose the Right Ag Data Reporting Service

The manual process of acreage reporting causes a lot of headaches for crop insurance agents. That’s why our leadership team identified the value in crafting the perfect cure for your acreage reporting ailments. Collecting the data up front eliminates the need for...

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6 Common MyAgData Questions Answered

For many farmers, time management is a major concern that can impact the success of their business. In the winter months, shorter days do not help when it comes to checking items off that already long to-do list. But, what if there was a solution that saved you extra...

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A Glimpse into the Future of Farm Based Reporting

We expect that the need for farm-based reporting to become more accurate, more efficient, and eventually, totally electronic, will only increase in 2018. The USDA Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity recently released a report to the president on its...

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3 Ways Automated Data Collection Benefits Farmers

No, precision agriculture is not a fad. Quite the opposite, in fact, when you look at the amount of money being invested in the technology by both growers and ag industry innovators. Not sure what to do with all that data? Here are three reasons why you should...

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Why Your Ag Data Security is Important

It’s no surprise that data privacy and protection in agriculture is evolving. When people think about what farmers stand for, especially here in the Midwest, their kindness and willingness to help each other out immediately come to mind.

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