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Reporting season is in the home stretch, and here at MyAgData® we’re not taking it easy. Take a look at what we did last month to take some of the tedium out of your acreage reporting.

  • The Field Summary page now shows field Legal Location (county and section) in addition to the standard FSA Farm-Tract-Field information.
  • Not seeing a field or farm where you know there is one? Just click on the map and MyAgData will pull its CLU information so that you can add it to the report.
  • You can now manually override a field’s acreage even if the value doesn’t match the field shape.
  • Do you have several fields missing crop or subfield data? You can “bulk” apply these preferences to all incomplete fields from the My Crops page.
  • If you’re adjusting field shares, you can apply those changes to all fields on all farms in your account, or just to all fields on the current farm.