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#Harvest17 is underway, #WinterPlant17 is gearing up and here at MyAgData®, we’ve been busy improving the industry’s best reporting tools. Here’s a sampling:

Cloud and Controller Support

  • Enhanced controller file processing to support AgGateway ADAPT integration for future manufacturer plugins, and John Deere 4600 Command Center logged data via ADAPT.
  • Updated Precision Planting 20/20® and CNH Voyager2® components to the latest manufacturer version.
  • Added AgFiniti® and MyJohnDeere® integration for cloud files.

Efficiency and Performance

  • Made numerous performance enhancements to both MyAgData® web and MyAgData® Mobile so they’re faster than ever.
  • Enabled manual reporting of wet bushels/pounds.
  • Made it possible for agency processors to complete reports for multiple insurance providers.

Mapping Improvements

  • Implemented a Public Land Survey System (PLSS) layer so that you now have the option of viewing a section, township and range overlay on your fields.
  • Implemented Google® Hybrid View so you can now view both satellite imagery and traditional  maps with named roads and other features.