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It’s no surprise that data privacy and protection in agriculture is evolving. When people think about what farmers stand for, especially here in the Midwest, their kindness and willingness to help each other out immediately come to mind. In fact, it’s safe to say our communities would probably be a better place to live and work if we had more farmers. Unfortunately, there are also malicious people living in our communities – people who choose to steal, hack and destroy digital information.

Here’s why it’s important that your farming operation takes seriously its commitment to ag data security:

Transparency and Compliance

MyAgData is proud to be the first precision ag company to receive the Ag Data Transparent Seal of Approval. The Ag Data Transparency Evaluator (ADTE) seal represents a level of certification given to ag technology providers for meeting the high standards of ag data transparency.  The ADTE is a non-profit organization designed to give growers objective and insight into what data is being collected, who has access to their data and who maintains ownership. By carrying the seal, MyAgData sets itself apart from other technology providers. We intend to continue our honest approach to grower data use with MyAgData. Visit our Privacy Policy page on our website to learn more about your data and your rights as a MyAgData user.

Identity Theft Protection

The farming industry is not immune to identify theft, which makes it extremely important to safeguard your passwords and update your operating system and devices regularly. Combat identify theft by leaving user-generated passwords in the field. Make it difficult for cyber criminals to obtain access to your MyAgData account and app by using a combination of upper and lowercase letters with numbers and special characters. Protect your MyAgData account by not using the same password for other apps or accounts. Lastly, make sure you run routine updates to your operating system and mobile devices. When you receive an update notification on your device, install the update as soon as possible to resolve bugs and add new security fixes. Cyber criminals prey upon devices with security vulnerabilities, so make sure your device is updated to get the most out of your MyAgData app.

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