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No, precision agriculture is not a fad. Quite the opposite, in fact, when you look at the amount of money being invested in the technology by both growers and ag industry innovators. Not sure what to do with all that data? Here are three reasons why you should double-down on the data your tools automatically collect every day.

Not only does automated data collection save you and your insurance agent time, using precision ag data could also lower your insurance premiums. Because data collection technology usually reduces a farmer’s insured acreage by 6 percent compared to Common Land Units (CLUs), that lowers your crop insurance premiums. More information could mean more efficient coverage for your crops.

As using precision agriculture technology becomes the industry norm, more and more customers and clients are going to look to your practice for this added value. Agents, suppliers, and businesses are more likely to work with a grower knowing their reporting technology is up to date. But even if crop insurance and USDA farm programs aren’t your main focus, automated data collection can still make a difference in your operation.

Weather events are projected to become more severe over the next 50 years, making access to specific data on crop yields and conditions key in decision making processes. Precise reporting is critical in maintaining a database that is both accurate and useful in navigating farming in a changing climate. The goal of global food security is getting harder to meet, so the ag industry needs to be both more productive and more environmentally sustainable.

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