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Wow, what a year! As 2017 grows smaller in our rear view mirrors, we thought we’d spend a few moments tallying up what we’ve accomplished these past 12 months.

Mobile Debuts Spring 2017

  • MyAgData Mobile streamlines data collection and reporting for crop insurance and FSA programs.
  • Complete map-based acreage reports in minutes from wherever you are: with your growers in the field, or back at the office. Now featuring a split tool and shareholders!

Efficiency and Performance

  • Made numerous performance enhancements to both MyAgData® web and MyAgData® Mobile so they’re faster than ever.
  • Enabled manual reporting of wet bushels/pounds.
  • Made it possible for agency processors to complete reports for multiple insurance providers.
  • Your producers can now automatically connect to the MyJohnDeere.com and AgFiniti® clouds for their field data.
  • You can now add crop and plant date to several fields in one step.
  • The Split tool can now insert adjustable polygon shapes.
  • Capturing precision ag data for multiple producer fields? No worries. With MyAgData you can easily assign those fields to the correct producer.
  • You can now manually override a field’s acreage even if the value doesn’t match the field shape.
  • Do you have several fields missing crop or subfield data? You can “bulk” apply these preferences to all incomplete fields from the My Crops page.
  • If you’re adjusting field shares, you can apply those changes to all fields on all farms in your account, or just to all fields on the current farm.

Report and Mapping Improvements

  • Our acreage report PDFs are better than ever after a series of design and formatting changes were implemented.
  • The Field Summary page now shows field Legal Location (county and section) in addition to the standard FSA Farm-Tract-Field information.
  • Implemented a Public Land Survey System (PLSS) layer so that you now have the option of viewing a section, township and range overlay on your fields.
  • Implemented Google® Hybrid View so you can now view both satellite imagery and traditional  maps with named roads and other features.
  • Not seeing a field or farm where you know there is one? Just click on the map and MyAgData will pull its CLU information so that you can add it to the report.

Cloud and Controller Support

  • Added AgFiniti® and MyJohnDeere® integration for cloud files.
  • Enhanced controller file processing to support AgGateway ADAPT integration for future manufacturer plugins, and John Deere 4600 Command Center logged data via ADAPT.
  • Updated Precision Planting 20/20® and CNH Voyager2® components to the latest manufacturer version.

Documentation and Marketing

  • We were super proud to announce the new MyAgData.com website in November. The new site highlights our cutting-edge suite of tools that make it easier than ever to create and submit acreage reports. Check us out!
  • We also continued our push to update existing quick reference documentation and create new pieces as well. That will continue in 2018.