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We expect that the need for farm-based reporting to become more accurate, more efficient, and eventually, totally electronic, will only increase in 2018.

The USDA Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity recently released a report to the president on its nationwide survey on rural communities. The report outlines a number of initiatives, but the task force’s number one recommendation was to increase e-connectivity in rural America, citing that not only the farmhouse, but the whole farm needs to be connected to serve an evolving food industry.

E-connectivity is coupled with the task force’s initiative to harness more technological innovation, with the report stating that precision agriculture technologies are playing a bigger and bigger role in farm production. Research shows that using precision ag technologies can bump up crop yield by 3-8 percent. MyAgData uses data collected in the field to streamline acreage reporting, and that’s a key part of the picture in evolving farm practices. Time saved is money saved, and the time to cope with the challenges of a changing industry is critical.

Their solution bringing more cutting-edge resources to rural communities? Identify infrastructure and service gaps in rural areas, and revise regulations that might prevent investment in high speed internet and precision agriculture ventures. With the initiative to expand broadband services in rural communities, we predict this movement is paving the way for the federal to simplify the process for farmers by encouraging the use of precision ag data and electronic crop insurance filing.

And crop insurance will also continue to be central to farming practices in the new year. The year 2017 saw erratic crop yields in states across the country due to drought, heat waves, and floods. If the ag community’s predictions are correct, volatile weather is expected to continue changing the game of farming –both on the farm and in how it affects global markets. Crop insurance based on accurate information will be a lifeline for farmers, given weather volatility.

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