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For many farmers, time management is a major concern that can impact the success of their business. In the winter months, shorter days do not help when it comes to checking items off that already long to-do list. But, what if there was a solution that saved you extra time meeting with your crop insurance agent and time exporting your data? That’s why we developed MyAgData: to serve as a one-stop-shop for your acreage reporting needs.

Check out some of our most commonly asked questions to see why our platform is the right choice for you:

How is this going to save me time and money?

Our pilot testing showed that farmers who reported using MyAgData with precision ag data saw on average 4.7% fewer acres reported. That increased accuracy means lower crop insurance premiums and decreased taxpayer-funded premium subsidies. Recent experience with another pilot test by a producer with 1,500 acres showed that he saved four hours for crop insurance reporting, and three hours with the FSA. The larger your farm, the more time you’ll save.

Will the tech work with my equipment?

Yes, we provide one system for your acreage reporting needs – it’s what sets us apart from other acreage reporting systems. Our technology seamlessly and securely connects with most FMIS systems, controller files, and crop insurance companies. Without MyAgData, a farmer exports his or her data from an FMIS and has it converted (many times by a crop insurance agent or ag service provider) into a format that “talks” with the various systems that crop insurers use.

Can’t my agent or the FSA do this for me?

Sure, but consider this question first: What is the time you spend driving to your county office or crop insurance agent (or both) worth to you? Our technology saves you time, which means more time tending to your crops.

Is this going to change my base acres?

Base acres are defined as prescribed in the Farm Bill. Under current law, annual variations do not currently impact base acres.

What kind of data are you sending to the government?

Nothing that doesn’t already get sent for you to participate in FSA Farm Programs or crop insurance: date planted, crop planted, location. We’re committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information and farm data we receive.

Why is MyAgData worth it for small/specialty farmers?

Our toolset works with any size grower. Smaller growers that may not have as much technology can use the web or mobile app to complete their acreage report by choosing a field then selecting the crop and planting date. Smaller growers often have other jobs off the farm, so using MyAgData will reduce the amount of time needed to meet with their crop insurance agent to complete their acreage reporting.

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