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The manual process of acreage reporting causes a lot of headaches for crop insurance agents. That’s why our leadership team identified the value in crafting the perfect cure for your acreage reporting ailments. Collecting the data up front eliminates the need for paper maps and labor-intensive keying of reports. As farmers become increasingly progressive in their use of technology, it’s important that you and your agency stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the right ag data reporting service:


Growers are looking for new ways to use the data they collect to make better decisions. Most “traditional” software solutions are difficult to use for heavy data analysis. New solutions have the financial support to develop more features to attract you to import their data. Automated platforms can help your agents become more efficient as it gives them one intuitive system to perform acreage and production reporting for all your clients. No matter what technology they use on the tractor, in the combine or in their office, our app simplifies your current processes. Even small or specialty farmers who may not use precision ag technology can benefit from the speed, simplicity and accuracy of MyAgData®.


Many farm organizations categorize ag data privacy, security, and control as vital concerns for their farmers. The Ag Data Transparent Seal represents transparency, simplicity, and trust. Ag technology companies are eligible to receive the Seal after answering 10 basic questions, verified by a third party, about how they use farmers’ ag data. When a farmer sees the Seal on a product, that farmer knows that ag tech provider voluntarily submitted their company’s contracts and policies for evaluation. As the first precision ag company to receive the Ag Data Transparent Seal of Approval, MyAgData give growers objective and insight into what data is being collected, who has access to their data and who maintains ownership.

Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are always important to the busy farmer. The speed of using an app eliminates the need for manually outlining field boundaries on a map. With MyAgData, field boundaries can be tied directly to as-applied precision ag data. We call it “acreage reporting made easy” so producers can spend more time on the farm and less time worrying about submitting correct numbers.


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