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You’re a farmer. Time is always of the essence. With too many tasks to complete, variable weather, and not enough hours in a day, the saying ‘time is money’ can be a harsh reality on a farm. Between tracking your acreage reporting data and meeting with your crop insurance agent, you already have enough worries on the field. That’s why our dedicated team at MyAgData developed a multi-tier mobile app to streamline your reporting to the USDA.

We have harvested some ways that our platform can simplify your acreage reporting process:

It’s Fast

No more manually outlining field boundaries on a map? We thought that might be music to your ears! With our app, your field data is delivered directly to your crop insurance agent.

It’s Efficient

We know your time is valuable and one of our top priorities is simplifying data processes for busy farmers. Working during off-hours? We have you covered. You can use our cloud-based application when it’s convenient for you.

It’s Accurate

Accuracy plays an essential role in tracking and reporting your data, and the last thing you need to worry about is a phone call from the USDA with discrepancies about the data you are submitting. Our app enables you to tie field boundaries directly to as-applied precision ag data.

It’s Easy

Not tech savvy? That’s fine because MyAgData is designed for users of all technology skill levels. That means you can focus less on the app’s learning curve, and focus more on getting your reports done.

It’s Integrated

Integration is probably one of the features our customers appreciate the most. MyAgData works with your FMIS system, which means no additional hardware is required.

It’s Compliant

Reports submitted through our app are locked as a true source after submission. That means no editing on your end. More importantly, our customers can fully focus on their farming business knowing these reports also meet or exceed all USDA standards.

Not yet convinced that our app rules them all? Schedule a demo today to see how MyAgData makes acreage reporting easy.