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“In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” — Mark Twain

Tolstoy once wrote that Spring is the time of plans and projects. Sounds about right! Our plans and projects are making MyAgData better than ever. Here’s what we’ve been working on.

Great news for Microsoft Surface users! MyAgData for Windows is now available at the Windows Store!

  • Claims adjusting is now easier with our addition of a “Source of Field” indicator to our PDF acreage reports. If the acres and plant date were created using field data then this will read Precision Ag. If sub-fields were not created using field data or a user has made manual updates, then the entry will show CLU.
  • Crop insurance agents can now invite producers to download and register to use MyAgData Mobile by email.
  • We’ve created and are currently testing some new MyAgData support portals. More news coming soon.

We are super excited to announce a new partnership with South Central FS to roll out electronic acreage reporting just in time for the 2018 Spring planting season! Here’s how the partnership will benefit farmers.

Coming Later This Spring!

Wondering what else we’re working on?

  • Precision ag files often contain field data for multiple producers. We want to ensure field data can easily be assigned to any of the user’s producers and, any data not assigned will be stored and applied if/when that field is added to an acreage report.
  • MyAgData Mobile support for split to exact acres and Skip Row planting.
  • Support for Farmobile files.
  • Default crop preferences.
What’s better than a day on the farm? A day spent filming a #precisionfarming video with our film crew. Just another day in the office for our CEO Deb Casurella!