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Regardless of whether March came in like a lion or a lamb on your farm, spring is in the air, or at least arriving soon to a farm near you! That means we are entering a new season of life and growth for your crops. For those of us in the Midwest, the ground will begin thawing from the brutal winter temperatures, which means it’s time to cultivate your land to make your soil smoother to streamline your crop planting.

Here at MyAgData, spring is also an exciting time for us because planting season is almost here. We have cultivated some reasons that you should be excited about the upcoming arrival of spring acreage reporting:

  1. Now that your agent has paired your cloud data transfer account to MyAgData, you will not have to take a USB stick with your data to your agent. See, technology really is amazing!
  1. Your agent will now will be able to bring his or her iPad or tablet to your farm and we can review the planting to verify its accuracy.
  1. Your agent can invite you to grower mobile and you will be able to see the completion of your crop insurance report during the planting season. Now, that’s a time saver! Lastly, if you have issues with data you are collecting, you now can attempt to fix it during planting to ensure you have usable data for your acreage report.
  1. Maybe you only have technology on your corn planter, but with the grower app you can now record your soybean planting information as you plant. That’s real-time technology right at your fingertips!
  1. With MyAgData, you and your agent only need to spend a few minutes reviewing your acreage report. This eliminates the hassle spending three or four hours reporting planting information that happened six weeks ago to your agent. Who doesn’t love efficiency?
  1. Really, what’s not exciting about spring acreage reporting? This means your crops are finally planted, which means you have survived spring, and are ready to enjoy the all the fun things that summer has in store for your farm.

Are you ready to take the time and hassle out of your acreage reporting process? Spring into action by visiting our website for more information about our app.