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Spring is in the air, which means planting season is harvesting the attention span of farmers across our region. From the initial stage of planting to completion, this spring is one that we will not soon forget. March went out like a lion, bringing cold, wet weather throughout April with even some rain ushering in the month of May. Even today, some farmers are still waiting to plant corn in the Midwest.

What does this mean? It means the weather has once again played an important role in how memorable the spring will be for you. You likely fit into one of these farming scenarios: rained out, still waiting to kickoff planting season, or you’re sitting in your tractor cab because you are one of the few farmers enjoying life because your spring planting is complete. Regardless of which scenario best fits your spring planting, it’s time to ask your crop insurance agent about the benefits of using MyAgData. If you are a grower with a wireless data transfer tool like John Deere Operations Center, Climate FieldView or AgLeader AgFiniti, and your agent uses MyAgData, you can simply connect your account to automatically complete your planting report and review and verify it for accuracy.

Are you a grower without wireless technology? We still have you covered. Just take your data to your crop insurance agent on a USB stick and have them uploaded into the MyAgData app.

Don’t have any data? No worries! Growers who choose not to use technology on their planter can work with their agent to create a planting report inside our app. Using a smartphone? Ask your agent to invite you to MyAgData Mobile. Here you will be able to use our mobile app to enter information about the crop you planted, the dates you planted throughout the season. After you finish your planted fields, simply review your report and we will notify your crop insurance agent once your planting report is complete.

We understand how busy this time of year can be, so the spring cleaning of paperwork for reporting is one less thing you can check off your list. Instead, you can reduce the time and headaches associated with completing your crop insurance reporting by learning how MyAgData can be used to streamline reporting your planting information. At MyAgData, we work tirelessly with growers, crop insurance agents, and service providers to eliminate the time and hassle spent on creating manual reports. Our app will give you back the essential time you need this spring to spend it on the things you enjoy.

Looking for more reasons why MyAgData is the app that rules them all? Visit our website to find out how you can start giving the U.S. Department of Agriculture the acreage reporting you both want and need.