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Farmers make decisions each day to ensure healthy plants and a healthy yield. From seed selection to soil conditions, each choice has an effect on the harvest and overall profitability. But unfortunately, it would seem that the one commodity a farmer can’t produce is extra time…at least until now. Here’s how their decision to use MyAgData is helping two Midwestern farmers to do exactly that.

For soy and corn farmer Chris Skaggs, MyAgData has let him dump the handwritten field notes and skip the manual data entry process and made his crop reporting faster and much more accurate.

“MyAgData saved me from having to fill out paperwork, and it’s all computer work now,” says Skaggs.

When he’s finished planting, he pulls the memory card from his monitor, plugs it into his computer and uploads his planting data to share with his crop insurance agent and eventually the FSA.

“It’s a lot easier and a lot less headache for me,” Skaggs said. It also gives him back a little more time to spend with his family, including his new baby.

Tractors carrying wireless technology can link directly to MyAgData, compiling data from multiple fields and equipment into one farm-wide report, the benefits of which are not lost on corn farmer Matt Wilson.

“Anytime you get a new tool, you’re hoping it increases your profitability, number one, and maybe reduces some stress,” he says. With MyAgData, he gets both outcomes with the time he saves on crop insurance reporting.

Wilson estimates he saves 10 or 15 minutes per field with MyAgData before he even starts the reporting process with the FSA and his crop insurer. With all that work taken care of, he can get back to his favorite part about farming – putting seeds in the ground and watching them grow.

Looking for a way to streamline your reporting process by minimizing data entry and the time you need to spend with your crop insurance agent or in FSA county offices? Visit our website to learn more about how you can save time on the farm when you start using our app.