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Starting June 25, 2018, the USDA will launch an acreage reporting pilot program to test new ag technologies with an eye toward reducing producers’ increasingly heavy administrative burden. You, your agent, or your service provider will now be able to report acreage directly to the USDA, and have that data shared with both your FSA County Office and crop

You’ll be able to use your own precision ag data—from cloud platforms like Climate® FieldView®, John Deere Operations Center and Ag Leader AgFiniti® or downloaded from your monitor—to create and submit your acreage reports in advance of your meeting from your home office with MyAgData!

Parallels to Income Tax Filing

This is a really big deal, akin to the Internal Revenue Service allowing taxpayers to use Intuit® TurboTax® in 1986.

So big, in fact, that we’ve teamed up with the USDA and a select group of producers to demonstrate the tremendous potential time and cost savings this pilot will generate.

Our own pilot testing showed that farmers who reported using MyAgData with precision ag data saw on average 4.7% fewer acres reported. Increased accuracy means lower crop insurance premiums and decreased taxpayer-funded premium subsidies.

Recent experience with another pilot test by a producer with 1,500 acres showed that he saved four hours for crop insurance reporting, and three hours at the FSA.

We’re confident this pilot will match, and probably surpass, those numbers, just as we’re certain that the Program Technicians in the county FSA offices will appreciate the increased efficiency. After all, what’s a better use of your time: spending a few hours penciling in acreage on a paper map, or working together to deliver an abundant, safe, and affordable food and fiber supply while sustaining a quality agricultural community?

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