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If you’re a producer who has invested in Precision Ag technology, you have all the data about your planting. Maybe it’s on a stick, or stored in the cloud.

Even if you don’t have Precision Ag technology, wouldn’t it be nice to just use your phone or tablet to collect the data while you plant?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your agent that data as soon as you create it?

MyAgData allows producers and agents to take advantage of the USDA’s Acreage Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative (ACRSI). ACRSI enables producers and their agents to report acreage and other information directly to the USDA, just like taxpayers can send income tax information to the IRS. What TurboTax® is to the IRS, MyAgData is to the USDA.

Technology is everywhere in today’s farming operations. Producers use the data that technology collects to control planting, inputs, and harvest at a level of precision and efficiency that was unheard of even 10 years ago.

So it only makes sense to use that same technology and its hyper-accurate data to complete required USDA reporting. Nobody really likes drawing on a paper map with red pens in a county office.

And because crop insurance is paid on those actual planted acres, the cost to both producers and American taxpayers is reduced while providing the same program benefits.

Lower crop insurance premiums means more dollars kept by farmers. More dollars kept by farmers means they’ll invest that money in their operation. Farmers will spend and keep those dollars in their community where they’ll do the most good.

Farmers who report using as-planted data are seeing a 6.29% drop in crop insurance premiums so far this season! Drop us a line and we’ll explain how.