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We’re very excited to announce that MyAgData has received $2 million of convertible debt financing through the Open Prairie Rural Opportunities Fund, a growth-stage private equity fund dedicated to providing capital to agribusiness companies throughout rural America.

The funding will enable us to scale our technology infrastructure and expand our sales and marketing teams to accelerate adoption of the MyAgData platform.

“We are thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with Open Prairie. They have a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight in agriculture,” said MyAgData CEO Deb Casurella. “This arrangement will help us position MyAgData® for the explosive growth predicted for electronic reporting.”

Insurance Premium Savings Alert!

This season, farmers are paying 6.29% lower crop insurance premiums when they pay based on actual planted acres. What’s 6.29% look like in real life? In Illinois, a 600 acre farm would see a savings of $800. The same size farm in North Dakota would save over $1,400. Click here to ask us how!

What Will You Do With the Time?

Quick quiz: You just won 7 hours of time. How do you spend it? In your truck going to the FSA office? A producer in Illinois used MyAgData to save four hours on crop insurance reporting, and three hours with the FSA. It’s up to you what you do with the extra time! Click here to learn more!

MyAgData Leader: Getting to Know New CTO Ken Ullsperger

This week, we are cultivating some thoughts and insight on MyAgData from the perspective of our new Chief Technology Officer, Ken Ullsperger. Read on »

The Less Time You Spend on Data Entry, the Better Off You’ll Be

Service Providers: Customer referrals are the backbone of any business. Hear how South Central FS CEO Joe Meinhart saves time and money using MyAgData. Read on »

From the Kind Words File

One of our AIP partners recently told us: “Last year, it took us about four weeks to process the data from one of our larger producers because they have high risk ground, pivots, many different counties and many different shareholders. This year, processing the same producer with MyAgData took only two days. This was my “aha!” moment with MyAgData. An impressive product you have, that’s for certain.”