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MyAgData Then, Now and Into the Future

We’re frequently asked: “What’s the history of MyAgData? How did it come to be?” It all started with a single question. Data Everywhere, But… Most farmers (us included) already had tools on their farm to document the crop they plant and harvest every year....

This MyAgData Myth Could be Costing You Thousands

“I’d love to get my acreage reporting over and done with fast, and I’d love to use MyAgData, but I don’t have a lot of precision ag equipment.” Does that sound like something you’ve heard your growers say? Is that something you have said? We’ve got some good news for...

11 Burning Questions About MyAgData Production Reporting

Did you know that if you’ve submitted an acreage report through MyAgData for yourself or your producers this Spring, you can use that same information to start a production report for the Fall? We’ve gotten a grain cart full of questions about the capabilities of our...

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