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Did you know that if you’ve submitted an acreage report through MyAgData for yourself or your producers this Spring, you can use that same information to start a production report for the Fall? We’ve gotten a grain cart full of questions about the capabilities of our production reporting system so we’d like to present, in no particular order, 11 of the most commonly asked.

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How can I tell if the data used to create the report was precision ag or from something else?

Our PDF reports have a “source” indicator that’s based on the kind of data that’s uploaded into MyAgData. If raw controller files are uploaded and the planting shape and planting are unedited, the Common Land Unit (CLU) on the report is marked with a Precision Ag indicator. If the report is manually created, FMIS files are uploaded or planting shape and date are edited, then the CLU on the report is marked with a CLU indicator.

Has the Risk Management Agency approved this process?

The process used to determine the source indicator for planting shapes is based on the rules set forward in the ACRSI standards developed by the USDA.

What happens if a farmer replants more acres than he planted?

If for some reason the replant shape is larger than the original planting area, our system will display the additional planting area with a later planting date

How will these acres display in the report?

The new planting area will be displayed with the original planting but will have a later planting date.

How will production be reported on the larger acres?

The production will be reported for the original planting shape as well as the larger area planted with the crop was replanted.

Can you edit the precision ag data, import the data, and still get the Precision Ag indicator?

The grower or agent would to edit the planting data in a Farm Management Information System (FMIS). Then if the data is exported from a FMIS and imported into MyAgData the indicator would be CLU since we did not process a raw controller file.

Does your system keep planting dates separate?

Yes, our system will report multiple planting dates if imported from Precision Ag data. If a farmer plants part of the field today and the rest of the field the next day, our system will display a shape for each of the days planted.

If an agent changes a crop from idle to corn, will your system keep the shapes separate?

The crop is changed from Idle to corn and the same planting date is entered as the imported corn planting. The system will merge the two shapes into one planting area.

Does your system pro-rate yield monitor data during the post-harvest calibration?

Our system will pro-rate the imported yield data with actual weights of harvested grain through our post-calibration tools

Can I use my scale tickets to complete the production report?

Yes, with MyAgData you can enter weights for grain harvested and weighed with grain carts.

Does your system handle appraisals as well as harvested production?

Yes, MyAgData allows you to enter a loss adjusters appraisal for planting shape to complete the Actual Production History (APH) report.