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“I’d love to get my acreage reporting over and done with fast, and I’d love to use MyAgData, but I don’t have a lot of precision ag equipment.”

Does that sound like something you’ve heard your growers say?

Is that something you have said?MyAgData Mobile

We’ve got some good news for you: You can still use MyAgData® even if you’re not yet gathering planting or production data from your equipment. How can I do this you ask?

Raise your hand if you have a smart phone or a tablet with you in your tractor while you’re planting. We see a lot of hands in the air!

Meet the MyAgData Mobile app. With it you’ll be able to “manually” create your reports—no precision ag data needed—and save yourself many hours spent at the FSA office or with your insurance agent.

Download the app, or get an invite from your crop insurance agent. After you register and log on, you’ll see your fields on a map. If you’ve ever used Google® Maps or MapQuest®, you’re already familiar with how MyAgData looks.

Just tap the field you are planting, pick the crop you are planting, then the date and then tap Save. Can it really be that simple, you ask? Four button taps per field on all my fields and I am done?! You bet.

The free MyAgData® Mobile app is available from Google® Play, the Apple® App Store and the Windows® Store. And depending on the AIP you’re affiliated with, creating and submitting acreage reports may cost you nothing at all. Give us a call to learn more or call your AIP marketing representative to see if this can work for you!

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Providing exceptional acreage reporting has always been our top priority, but now we are focused on the health and safety of our clients, their families and our community. Let us help. Call 888-927-4011 or let us contact you.

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