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We’re frequently asked: “What’s the history of MyAgData? How did it come to be?” It all started with a single question.

Data Everywhere, But…

Most farmers (us included) already had tools on their farm to document the crop they plant and harvest every year. We had lots of data and we knew exactly how many acres we had planted! But to report our planting to the Farm Service Agency (FSA) we still had to drive over to the county office to red pencil in acreage on some black and white paper maps.

So we asked ourselves, “Why isn’t it possible to automate this reporting process using the technology we already own today?”

Why not indeed! We firmly believed that YES, the reporting process could be automated. Our focus from the beginning has been to develop a tool that lets farmers farm the way they have for 50 years and that enables agents to report as required by the Risk Management Agency (RMA).

In the Beginning…

Starting in 2012, we built a team of experts from the IT, crop insurance and the production agriculture spaces. Together we created what we decided to call MyAgData®, a Web-based software tool for using as-planted data to report acreage to the USDA.

By 2014 the software was a reality, and the market quickly told us: “We want a single reporting tool for all growers, whether we have precision ag data or not!” So we began to expand our software to report both precision ag data and manually collected planting data.

Fast-Forward to Now

As we prepare to start the 2019 reporting season, we now offer:

  • Connections to popular Cloud-based data transfer tools: AgBridge™, AgLeader® AgFiniti®, Climate FieldView® and John Deere Operations Center®
  • A mobile app for Apple, Android and Windows to empower growers, agents or service providers to complete planting reports right on the device they use every day to complete other business.
  • A simple solution for growers who don’t use precision ag technology on their farms, but still want to report electronically.

To the Future!

The future of automated reporting is exciting to watch develop! And we all have guesses about what the next Big Thing will be coming to data collection or automation.

One thing you can know for certain: When you partner with MyAgData for your reporting needs, know that we have a long history using grower data to complete planting and harvest reports.

We’ll continue to work to streamline this process to make our users more successful and profitable. If you are not using MyAgData for reporting, please schedule a software presentation to see for yourself how acreage reporting can be “Made Easy.”