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Does it feel like you have less and less time every year? From application time to acreage reporting then finally production reporting…one season just seems to bleed into the next.

It’s the same with today’s grower: They find themselves ordering seed and pricing planting equipment during harvest. And pricing harvesting equipment and other ag technology during spring planting. To help you spend that time wisely when you schedule a face-to-face with your growers, we have a couple suggestions.

Use Data to Save Money​

Consider asking your grower if they use a field computer to collect planting data in the Spring. Do they use yield monitor data for things like fertility recommendations?

It’s quite likely that more than 60% of them use this type of technology both in the Spring and Fall, and it could assist you in completing his or her acreage and production reporting.

It’s worth asking about: MyAgData has found through the use of actual as-planted maps the grower’s insured acres will be reduced by 4.7-6.9%.

Ag Technology Opens the Door to Other Opportunities

Consider the time savings to you and the grower gain when you use a tool like MyAgData. The time you normally spent completing paperwork could be spent talking about other risk management tools you have offer the grower.

Think about it for a minute. What could that grower do money they saved on their crop insurance bill? Could you offer other types of risk management tools they might purchase from the savings in their Multi-peril policy? Maybe the savings will fund that special vacation with his kids or grand kids?

Because let’s face it: The economics of growing crops demand that you spend as much time as possible discussing the risk management tools you can offer.

Now is the perfect time to start asking your growers about the technology they use on their farms today. The answers you receive just might surprise you!