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deb casurella

When people make the decision to purchase a product or service, they are also investing in the people behind the brand. This theory is no different in the ag industry. It’s important that farmers, service providers and crop insurance agents trust the product or service and the brand reputation.

Recently, we sat down with MyAgData CEO and Co-Founder, Deb Casurella, about her background as a female leader in the technology and agriculture industries. So, we cultivated some questions for Deb to answer about her experience and passion for agriculture.

She is excited to share with you a glimpse of her life inside the office and in the farming industry.

What made you want to work in the agriculture industry?

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and really didn’t know anything about agriculture. But, like most city kids, I fell into agriculture and still love it! It’s real – you can see it, touch it, experience it, and, more than that, farmers are genuine, hardworking, and authentic people. That’s why I am in the ag industry and will continue to work to understand farmers and farming so that I can help them in any way possible.

Have you faced any challenges as a female leader in the ag industry and if so, how did you overcome them?

My roots are in information technology, which like agriculture, is a more male-driven industry. But, there is always room for women to shape the face of the ag industry. I’m confident in my ability to lead and my industry knowledge. If I don’t know something, I am able to use the people and resources around me to mitigate any challenge I may face.

What accomplishment are you most proud of on your resume?

What’s on my resume is not as important to me as the role I have shaping the lives of my family. I am most proud of being able to enjoy life with my husband, kids, and grand kids. My daughter is a high school math teacher, and a role model to young women. And, my granddaughter’s favorite part of third grade is the time she spends in the new STEM lab on Fridays. I can only hope that my passion for the ag industry helped fuel their love of math and science and the paths they take in the future.

Why do you believe it’s important to simplify the acreage reporting process?

Many farmers have newer and more robust technology than crop insurance agents or staff in government offices, and I believe it’s time to evolve from a manual data entry-driven environment to more digital, customer service-oriented world.

What do you think sets MyAgData apart from other ag data companies?

Our team is comprised of farmers, technologists, insurance agents, and farm program experts. Our customers have the confidence in a well-rounded team that works diligently to ensure the quality of our product.

What are your top three personal values?
  • Adventurous
  • Genuine
  • Competent
Do you have a favorite quote or philosophy on life?

Make every day a great day!

What advice would you give to a potential client who is seeking the right cloud-based data system to streamline their acreage reporting needs?

Do your research so you have a better understanding of why the best product may not be the cheapest product. Exercise your best judgement when considering a free product. A free product isn’t free if you must give away your data to get it.

Interested in learning more about MyAgData’s leadership team? Stay tuned for future posts that introduce the rest of our team!