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Times are Tough. Safely Reporting Acreage Shouldn’t Be.

Pants aren’t a top priority for many Americans right now. And that’s fine. Comfort is important.

Just remember to put them on before checking your mailbox. Last thing you want to do is give your neighbors a new take on the term “junk mail.”

Lucky for you, MyAgData has been supporting social distancing and remote work—pants totally optional—with robust acreage reporting tools since 2012.

You can submit your acreage report in your pajamas from your couch or favorite Lazy-Boy, easily and safely, whenever it’s convenient.

Here’s how MyAgData can help keep you and your family safe during the pandemic:

  • MyAgData has electronic signature capabilities.
  • MyAgData allows you to electronically report using precision ag data or your CLU boundaries.
  • MyAgData allows you to electronically submit Actual Acreage Reports.
  • MyAgData is affordable!

Getting started is quick. Using the tool is easy.

For more information or a free demo, call 888-927-4011 or email us at info@myagdata.com.

Stay Healthy. Stay Informed.

Providing exceptional acreage reporting has always been our top priority, but now we are focused on the health and safety of our clients, their families and our community. Let us help. Call 888-927-4011 or let us contact you.

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