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Fortunate for You We're Geeks, Not Athletes
For years, we’ve wondered why we’re not Olympic-level athletes and why our names weren’t hanging in some stadium under the illustrious banner, “World Record Holder.”

Turns out we’re geeks, not athletes. And we’re okay with that.

Because what we’ve created here at MyAgData is mind-blowingly amazing, not to mention timely. Especially in this COVID-19 era of social distancing, where most work has to be virtual and so does reporting your acreage.

What’d we do? We automated the entire acreage reporting process. Which means you can submit your acreage report from the cab of your tractor or your favorite La-Z-Boy, keeping you and your family safe.

Here’s how:

  • MyAgData has electronic signature capabilities.
  • MyAgData allows you to electronically report using precision ag data or your CLU boundaries.
  • MyAgData allows you to electronically submit Actual Acreage Reports.
  • MyAgData saves valuable time and is affordable.
  • Getting started is quick. Using the tool is super easy. Even better? You never have to leave home.

For more information or a free demo, call 888-927-4011, email us at info@myagdata.com or stop by the website.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Embrace your inner geek.

Stay Healthy. Stay Informed.

Providing exceptional acreage reporting has always been our top priority, but now we are focused on the health and safety of our clients, their families and our community. Let us help. Call 888-927-4011 or let us contact you.

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