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MyAgData® and Climate FieldView™

How does the MyAgData® and Climate FieldView Plus relationship benefit growers?   

Climate FieldView Plus users can share planting, harvest maps and field boundaries with MyAgData® to help streamline the crop insurance reporting process and ensure they only pay crop insurance premiums on actual planted acres. After logging into MyAgData, the user can choose to connect their FieldView Plus account directly from the MyAgData platform. Once a connection is established, MyAgData pulls the data from the “Field Map Files.”

What data is shared?

When you connect FieldView and MyAgData, your as-applied planting data is kept up-to-date in near real time to retrieve actual planted acres, crop, plant dates, and geospatial data. The connection remains active until you turn it off, ensuring we can collect both planting and harvest data without having to remember to reconnect.

What kind of data are we sending to the government? Nothing that doesn’t already get sent for you to participate in FSA Farm Programs or crop insurance: date planted, crop planted, location.

We’re committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information and farm data we receive. It is the farmer’s choice and at their sole purview to connect the data.

What’s the value?

You already have the data. Why not get more value from it? Farmers are in control of what data and acreage is sent to their crop insurance agent and to the FSA. They can connect their FieldView account to MyAgData, submit the report, visit their agent, and take the completed report to their county FSA office.

The Key Benefits

  • Faster submission of data
  • Secure transmission of data
    • Data that is already being submitted to the FSA like date planted, crop planted and location
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
  • Reporting based on actual planted acres not CLU reported acres
  • Less paperwork, save time by eliminating redundant activities
  • More accurate reports, less errors
  • Time savings because of the seamless data streaming

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