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One of the things we’re often told by our customers is that using MyAgData dramatically increases the accuracy and efficiency of their acreage reporting.

Here are some of the many reasons our customers say MyAgData is revolutionizing acreage reporting:

  • Eliminates guesswork. MyAgData allows producers to seamlessly add and utilize data to the precision ag data already collected as their tractors drive through the field planting, precisely reporting the acres that you really planted.
  • No more mistakes. MyAgData helps eliminate the human errors that can come with manually keying the acres on each field. Imagine reporting acreage with no mistakes?
  • It’s easy. MyAgData walks you through the steps to ensure that all information is being collected.
  • Saves money. MyAgData saves you money because producers only pay crop insurance premiums for the acres planted vs the “old standard” of CLU acres. Users tell us that reporting using precision ag acres can have long term benefits on your APH, essentially your checkbook!
  • Saves time. Producers now have a single platform to report their acres to both their crop insurance agent and to the FSA office. No more spending hours waiting in multiple offices.

To learn more about MyAgData accuracy and efficiency, or to schedule a demo, please contact us at info@myagdata.com.