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If you’re looking to add your skills to a small (10-15 person), fully funded (years of runway), rapidly growing team creating the farming industry’s equivalent of TurboTax® read on.

Specifically, we’re looking for you to become the geospatial development expert on our team. Robust experience in the field of geospatial development is mandatory. Your language of choice has certain geospatial tools and libraries that you’re vastly familiar with. If you don’t have to ask what those tools and libraries are, read on.

You’ll also be expected to have a solid grasp of C#/.NET MVC Web Applications, REST APIs, Azure Functions, Docker Containers, DevOps Pipelines and relational databases. We do require that you have extensive experience with at least one of those systems and proficiency with Visual Studio 2017/2019 as well as GIT for source control.

Preferred candidates will be able to demonstrate experience with a collection of the aforementioned systems/platforms/languages or a strong desire to learn. Cloud Architecture/Development experience would be great too! And now, obligatory bullet point lists:


  • Multiple years of experience developing with geospatial data, tools and libraries.
  • Software development using Agile development practices
  • Collaborate with and help lead the development team to deliver superior solutions
  • Design and code utilizing modern cloud-based architectures
  • Focus on quality, agility and automation
  • Maintain and create build/test/deployment pipelines
  • Perform peer code reviews
  • Identify and fix any problems with design or function
  • Communicate and enforce development standards


  • Minimum of N years of relevant experience with progressive levels of responsibility where N doesn’t matter if you’re a great developer.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively
  • Broad knowledge of web and software design
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Communicates clearly and effectively
  • Solid hands-on troubleshooting and technical problem analysis skills


Through the direction of CTO and collaborative work with all other affiliated individuals Sr. Microsoft Geospatial Development Specialist strives to work with the technology team to architect, design, develop and implement software consistent with our policies and objectives.


MyAgData® is a cloud-based data system that simplifies acreage reporting for farmers, crop insurance agents and agricultural service providers. We use the data collected during normal farming operations, format it to meet the reporting requirements of crop insurance companies, match it to the CLUs required for USDA acreage and production reporting and produces reports by land or geography.

TurboTax streamlined the process of filing a tax return. Likewise, we’re streamlining the process to file acreage reports, saving farmers, insurance companies and the USDA time and money.