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There’s no off season. From planting, to reporting, to harvest…and keeping everything else in order in between. We can’t make planting or equipment maintenance easier, but we can revolutionize acreage reporting for you.

A producer with 1,500 acres recently showed that he saved a combined 7 hours at FSA and crop insurance agent offices by reporting with precision ag data.

Using precision ag data and electronic field boundaries leads to lower insurance premiums.

acreage reporting

Insurance coverage and subsidies are based on actual planted acres which are 4.7% – 6.9% less than FSA acres.

We’ve been driving the electronic acreage reporting revolution since 2014, and working with the USDA since 2015.

We’re the first and only commercial provider of electronic acreage reports. Farmers don’t need to spend hours at the FSA office drawing on paper maps.