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Field boundaries lie at the heart of the acreage reporting process, so we give you several ways to get those boundaries into MyAgData® FieldPortal:

  • Point and click on a map: You can locate and add your fields with our satellite mapping tool.
  • Upload your boundaries: You can upload digital operational field boundaries that you get from your FMIS system, agronomist, or service provider.
  • Precision ag: You can use the precision ag boundary data created during planting, which has the added bonus of also recording plant date, commodity and seeding rate.
  • Farmers.gov: If you have a Farmers.gov account, you can use the Customer Farm Records Mapping tool to download your farm tract map files.

MyAgData FieldPortal will help you with each of these scenarios to ensure you have everything you need to successfully submit your report to the USDA.

Can I use the planting data I have in my equipment manufacturer’s cloud storage service for my report?


Connecting MyAgData® FieldPortal to your cloud data is probably the easiest way to automatically access your data for acreage reporting. If you use one of these cloud storage services, you can link it to our system for twice-daily automatic upload:

  • Case IH AFS Connect™
  • AgLeader AgFiniti®
  • Climate FieldView Plus
  • John Deere Operations Center
  • Topcon TAP®

We’ll help you establish the connections to your service to ensure your data flows seamlessly to MyAgData FieldPortal.

I don’t use cloud storage, but my operation does use farm management software. Can I use information from that for my acreage report?

Yes, you can.

We currently support farm management information system (FMIS) data exported from the following sources:

  • AFS Connect™
  • AgLeader® AgFiniti®
  • AgLeader® SMS
  • AgStudio™ MapShots
  • Climate FieldView™ Plus
  • MyJohnDeere®
  • Proagrica Summit
  • SGIS
  • Topcon® TAP

MyAgData® FieldPortal will guide you through the data import process to ensure you have all the information you need to successfully submit your report to the USDA.

Can I use the controller files from my equipment?


MyAgData® FieldPortal can import controller files from these equipment manufacturers:

  • Case IH®
  • Climate FieldView
  • John Deere
  • New Holland