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In the latest installment of our recent series on the exciting capabilities of electronic acreage reporting, we answer four more questions we’re hearing from the field:

Do I need to tell my FSA county office that I’ll be sending them an electronic acreage report?

Instead of setting up an appointment at the FSA office, let your Program Technician know you’ve submitted your planting data through the ACRSI program.

You may also be able to electronically sign and certify your FSA-578 and acreage report.

What happens if I replant my field?

Replanting is defined as another planting in the same field of the same crop after the initial planting has failed or been damaged due to a peril.

Replanting information is not required to be transmitted to the FSA for the acreage report.

If you replant a field, you can choose the field you want to report, or delete the field from MyAgData® FieldPortal before submission for the current crop year.

What happens if I submit a field, then plant a different crop after submission?

Upon a submission in MyAgData® FieldPortal, you can submit one time for a field and season.

If you have submitted your acreage report, then planted a second, different, crop in the same field, you need to contact your FSA office to update the information for the new planting in that field.

Do I still need to visit both my FSA county office and my crop insurance agent?

You’ll still need to sign both the FSA-578 and your acreage report. The USDA now offers secure solutions for signing and sharing documents and they can accept electronic signatures for the FSA-578.

Depending on your crop insurance agent, they might also offer and accept electronic signatures on your crop insurance acreage report.

Contact your agent for additional guidance on how best to sign your acreage report.