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fsa crop acreage reporting for ag lenders

Mitigate your risk with accurate, timely data



Data-driven lending gives you access to early indicators of potential issues during the growing and lending cycle. MyAgData gives you more actionable information, earlier than ever in the lending cycle.

what role can data
play in lending?

You may not always have consistent access to the historical performance records and farm operating plans of your borrowers. Use crop insurance as an underwriting tool and secure your bottom line with actionable alerts.

get meaningful, actionable information

Data ensures more certainty during the crop planning/application phase.

Intended cropping and crop planning reports from the farmer lay the groundwork for a successful season.

The borrower’s precision ag data, specific as-applied data and satellite imagery cut down on big surprises by giving early warning of crop issues and shortfalls.

Actual, local data, not general area information helps pinpoint producer-specific issues.

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MyAgData® gives you one system to perform acreage reporting and crop insurance policy administration for all of your clients, no matter what technology they use on the tractor, in the combine or in their office. Even small or specialty farmers who may not use precision ag technology can benefit from the speed, simplicity and accuracy of MyAgData.


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