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calibrated yield by field

precision yield
for precision harvest reporting

We’ve teamed up with Topcon® to offer a solution that uses their Digi-Star® GT 560 scale system to electronically report your yield by dry bushels. Together we use the data layers collected by a farmer’s grain cart during harvest to meet the USDA RMA Precision Farming Technology System (PFTS) standards.

The GT 560 enables you to create electronic calibration reports that conform to USDA Risk Management Agency guidelines. Having a quick, accurate and automatic production reporting tool means simplified production reports and a more accurate APH!

here’s why it makes sense

Finally, an “easy button” that bridges the gap between electronic acreage and production reporting! MyAgData’s partnership with Topcon enables farmers to create electronic acreage and production reports from any mobile device. MyAgData’s platform reduces direct expenses on insurance premiums, shortens claims process turnaround times and increases reporting compliance and accuracy.

Topcon’s Cloud-based platform, TAP, collects load cart records and yield monitor files. MyAgData provides calibrated yield information by practice and field that’s passed back to TAP. The resulting electronic yield calibration reports meet Risk Management Agency (RMA) requirements for production and loss reporting.

we’re making claims reporting better and easier, too!

Real-time load records mean faster claims completion.

Georeferenced fields let you know exactly where production is coming from.

Post-calibrated grain cart production is more accurate than combine monitors and bin measurements.

Improved customer service with faster remittance on claims.

consider an upgrade!

Thinking about upgrading your Digi-Star® GT 400 or GT 460 system to a GT 560 system? Want the ability to access accurate weighing in the field without the need to weigh each load via a truck scale?

Grain carts with scales must have the most current scale head to interact with TAP. Make sure you have a Digi-Star GT560 with GPS and are App enabled. By upgrading legacy Digi-Star scale indicators, growers can have both accurate scale weights and moisture data in the field, regardless of brand or model of combine. Then connecting to a user-friendly Cloud-based platform like TAP, allows harvest data to be submitted with a simple push of a button.

Upgrade to a Smart Cart System

Adding a GT 560 with CL-55, is an easy retrofit for any scale-equipped grain cart. The Smart Grain Cart System paired with a TAP connectivity device provides weight-verified and georeferenced load data which automatically uploads to your TAP account after the grain cart transfers a load of grain.

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Add CL-55 Cloud to Your GT 560

Designed to suit virtually any agricultural machine, implement, or technology, the CL-55 goes beyond automatic data collection and upload, providing advanced capability for a fully connected ecosystem.

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