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harvest reporting

use your combine monitor data for quick, accurate harvest reporting

Keep your harvest data all in one spot, and post calibrate it if needed. MyAgData is your one-stop tool for all of your farming data: Harvest, planting, spraying and more.

Be confident that your harvest data is being processed using “shrink factor” standards approved for crop insurance loss adjustment by the USDA Risk Management Agency.

Better data saves time and money.

Wondering how the highly accurate data you’re already collecting can save you time and money?

Here’s how one farmer used precise planting and yield data to boost his APH and lower insurance premiums.  Per acre yield is typically understated when FSA CLU acres are used to report planting.

“MyAgData is built for the grower with all the technology in the world and the grower with no technology whatsoever. If you’re a producer with 500 acres or 5,000, a crop insurance agent with 10 clients, or an agent with 1,000 clients, you can report more accurately than you’ve ever done before.”

– Midwestern Farmer

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MyAgData® gives you one system to perform acreage reporting and harvest reporting, no matter what technology you use on the tractor, in the combine or in your office. 


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