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It’s what sets us apart from other acreage reporting systems. MyAgData seamlessly and securely integrates with all FMIS systems, controller files, crop insurance companies and now the USDA. Finally, one system for all your acreage reporting needs.

Without MyAgData, a farmer exports his or her data from an FMIS and has it converted (many times by a crop insurance agent or ag service provider) into a format that “talks” with the various systems used by crop insurers and the FSA. Time-consuming, to say the least.

Not anymore. Finally, there’s one system for all your acreage reporting needs.

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MyAgData® is a multi-tier solution that simplifies reporting to the USDA. Our software includes a configurable cloud-based application, web services, and a mobile app. All are capable of running stand-alone for acreage reporting or integrating with your system to fill any gaps—including the production of both an ACRSI file and an electronically signed RMA-compliant acreage report. Our software is geography-based and map-enabled with a robust set of tools to review, augment and correct any input data.



Field data is delivered directly to FSA offices. No more manually outlining field boundaries on a map.



Working during off-hours? Use our cloud-based application when it’s convenient for you.



Field boundaries can be tied directly to as-applied precision ag data.



Our wizard-based platform is designed for users of all technology skill levels. Minimal data entry required.



Works with your Farm Management Information System.



Reports are uneditable and locked as a source of truth after submission.



Mobile app lets you create complete reports in minutes from anywhere.



Our reports meet or exceed all USDA standards.

I’ve used precision ag technology to record planting and harvesting data for several years. MyAgData allows me to use this technology to more accurately report my planting data. Now I can send data to my crop insurance agent and get a copy of my completed acreage reports easier than ever before.


Farmer, Illinois

MyAgData is simply leading the pack when it comes to map-based reporting. They understand the complexities that can arise with geospatial data and have found a way to keep it simple without giving up full control or functionality.


Crop Insurance Agent, Minnesota

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