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MyAgData Mobile

Complete Map-Based Acreage Reporting in Minutes, Direct From the Field

Smooth. Quick. Convenient. Practical.

MyAgData® Mobile streamlines your data collection and acreage reporting for FSA programs and crop insurance. Our acreage reports meet or exceed all USDA regulations and standards and our maps are accepted by FSA county offices.



Use the device of your choice. MyAgData supports all for maximum flexibility.


Got a signal? WiFi access? You can create and submit an acreage report.


Our wizard-based platform is designed for users of all technology skill levels.


Log on and see your farm-tract-field information, select your crops, save & submit.

Your Questions, Answered

There’s a lot to digest here. We’ve answered some of the most common questions here, but if there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t be shy. Drop us a line and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Sounds great, but what's this going to cost?
The free MyAgData® Mobile app is available from both Google® Play and the Apple® App Store. And depending on the AIP you’re affiliated with, creating and submitting acreage reports may cost you nothing at all. Give us a call to learn more or call your AIP marketing representative.
How secure is my data?
MyAgData® is hosted in a federally certified Microsoft® Windows Azure data center that is highly scalable, secure, reliable and available.
Can I look at a mobile report on my office computer?
All the acreage reports you create or update in MyAgData® Mobile are immediately available in MyAgData web app. Likewise, any changes you make back at the office can be seen in our mobile app.
What kind of data are you sending to the government?
Nothing that doesn’t already get sent for you to participate in FSA Farm Programs or crop insurance: date planted, crop planted, location. We’re committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information and farm data we receive.
What kind of signal do I need to make this work?
A WiFi or cellular connection is required.
I'm really busy. Is MyAgData hard to learn?
No, it’s not. If you’ve ever used Google® Maps or MapQuest®, you’re already familiar with how MyAgData looks. We designed our apps for users of all technology skill levels. And if you do get stuck, we have several resources available to help, including a Technical Support hotline.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
Click here for more information about the MyAgData® commitment to data security and our privacy policy. For our terms of use, click here.

MyAgData® Mobile
Complete map-based acreage reports in minutes from wherever you are, in the field or at the office.

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