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fsa crop acreage reporting for farmers

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There’s no off season. From planting season, to reporting season, to harvest season…and keeping everything else in order in between.

We can’t make planting, harvesting or equipment maintenance easier, but we can revolutionize acreage reporting for you.

life before acreage reporting

Part 1 of our “Before and After” series. Hear Brad Kassing and Jeremy Wilson describe the challenges of crop insurance acreage reporting…and how MyAgData can help.

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MyAgData streamlines your reporting process by minimizing data entry and the time you need to spend with your crop insurance agent or at the FSA county office. We can ensure you only pay insurance premiums on the acres you actually plant, saving you real money.

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Life with Electronic Acreage Reporting

Part 2 of our “Before and After” series. Brad Kassing and Jeremy Wilson discuss the simplicity and power of MyAgData: It’s made for every farmer.

Can MyAgData Really Save You Money?

Our pilot testing showed that farmers who reported using MyAgData with precision ag data saw on average 4.7% fewer acres reported. That increased accuracy means lower crop insurance premiums and decreased taxpayer-funded premium subsidies.

Recent experience with another pilot test by a producer with 1,500 acres showed that he saved four hours for crop insurance reporting, and three hours with the FSA.

Streamlined Reporting

We’re the ​first and only​ commercial ​provider of digital acreage reports. No need to spend hours at the FSA office drawing on paper maps.

Leading the Way

We’ve been ​driving the electronic acreage reporting revolution since 2014, and working with the USDA since 2015.

It's What You Need

Complete and accurate reporting, helping you to accurately report acres and pay insurance premiums on planted acres while reducing audit risk.

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MyAgData® gives you one system to perform acreage reporting and crop insurance policy administration no matter what technology you use on the tractor, in the combine or in your office. Even small or specialty farmers who may not use precision ag technology can benefit from the speed, simplicity and accuracy of MyAgData.

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