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Report Your Winter Wheat Electronically!

USDA and MyAgData® have partnered to allow producers in select Nebraska counties to report their winter wheat acreage electronically. Registration is simple and free!

The USDA is Piloting Electronic Acreage Reporting!

The USDA and MyAgData® have partnered to create a pilot program designed to eliminate one of your most time-consuming tasks: Acreage reporting. Now until November 15, all interested producers in these selected Nebraska counties can use their as-planted data to report fall-seeded wheat.

Box Butte — Cheyenne — Dawes-North Sioux — Frontier — Furnas — Harlan — Hayes — Hitchcock — Keith — Kimball — Lincoln — Morrill — Perkins — Red Willow — Sheridan — Webster

Electronic Acreage Reporting in 4 Easy Steps!

MyAgData uses the data you collect during your normal farming operations, formats it to meet reporting requirements, matches it to the CLUs, and then produces reports by land or geography. The registration process for this pilot program is quick, simple, and free!

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Pilot Program FAQ

What if my planter goes over the same area twice? Will my acres be over-reported?
No. The MyAgData system is designed to filter out any overlapping planting data collected by your field computer.
What kind of data are you sending to the government?
Nothing that doesn’t already get sent for you to participate in FSA Farm Programs or crop insurance: date planted, crop planted, location. We’re committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of any personal information and farm data we receive.
I’m pretty busy right now. How long is registration and setup going to take?
Registration takes about five minutes, and uploading your data from a flash drive or connecting to a manufacturer Cloud should take another five minutes. The time needed by MyAgData for processing (which is done in the background) will of course vary depending on how much data you have. FSAfarm+ file download time will vary as well because they have to done one at a time. Everything depends on the type—and amount—of data you have. Report creation time from start through submission can take as little as 15 minutes for a small operation, or up to an hour for a much larger one. Your actual mileage may vary!
Is this going to change my base acres?
Base acres are defined as prescribed in the Farm Bill. Under current law, annual variations do not currently impact base acres.

Here’s How MyAgData Works

How to create a report using your precision ag data and MyAgData!

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