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We Think It’s Time for a Change

You’ve invested thousands in precision ag technology, mobile devices and analytics software. Your wireless soil sensors help you make faster, more actionable crop production decisions. You’re all about using your data to save money and boost efficiency. But you still drive—often more than once—to your county FSA office and pencil in your acreage, crops and planting dates on black and white paper maps because that’s how it has always been done. Not anymore.


Lose the thumb drives…effortlessly transport data files between the home and office.


Pilot testing showed that farmers who reported using MyAgData with precision ag data saw on average 4.7% fewer acres reported.


 Increased accuracy means lower crop insurance premiums and decreased taxpayer-funded premium subsidies.


Another pilot test by a producer with 1,500 acres showed that he saved four hours for crop insurance reporting, and three hours with the FSA.

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