Create Value, Add Revenue

Quickly and Efficiently Collect the Data You Need From Your Customers

There’s a New Team in Town

MyAgData® and AGBRIDGE™ have teamed up to deliver a powerful combination of automated ag data collection, automated acreage reporting, and automated crop insurance compliance at a great price for your growers.


Say goodbye to the thumb drive and increase the value you bring to each customer with acreage, crop insurance and FSA reporting derived from the same data you use to improve their profitability in other ways.


Most of your growers already have planting and production data; now you can bundle MyAgData® with your offering as a new value-added bonus and a way to increase your own bottom line.


Give your growers another reason to embrace wireless data transport: It will be easier to do business with you.


MyAgData® can help by increasing your producer interaction. Spend more time building relationships, not chasing down data and processing it yourself.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
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MyAgData® Mobile
Complete map-based acreage reports in minutes from wherever you are, in the field or at the office.

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