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traceability for farmers and buyers

keep track of your crops
from seed to sale

Traceability. Quality control. To us that means being able to track any crop through every step of its production, from planting through harvest to your elevator or processor.

Provide information around the product, from the time it’s harvested all the way through the supply chain to create complete supply chain visibility.

data-driven insight at every step of the crop cycle

Data ensures more certainty during the crop planning/application phase, and ensures you’ll always have meaningful, actionable information at your fingertips. You’ll know what you planted, how much you planted, where it is, what you sprayed it with and how it’s doing. 

Field boundaries, crop plans, high-risk land


Actual planted field, seed variety, planting dates

Satellite imagery showing crop progression and health

Production by field, calibrated grain cart, scale tickets


Alerts for real-time updates you can use right away


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