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the technology is ready. farmers are willing.

Soon you’ll be able to electronically report your planted acreage. Will you be ready?

We created MyAgData® to bridge the gap between the data created and used by farmers, and the data required for the USDA to administer Farm Programs, to enable crop insurance companies to support Federal crop insurance and private products, and for industry to support traceability and quality of a harvested crop.

Electronic FSA Crop Acreage Reporting

Collect and transmit your crop acreage data to your USDA Farm Service Agency county service center

Precision Ag Yield Reporting for Better APH

Using actual planted acres improves the accuracy of your APH and increases your guarantees

Automatically Calibrate
Yield by Field

Implement the USDA’s Precision Farming Technology System for acreage, harvest, claims

Harvested Crop Traceability and Quality

Farmers and purchasers can track the journey of a crop from its source to ultimate destination.

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